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A Message from Joel & Joann Bacon, Charlotte’s Parents & Founders of Charlotte’s Litter

We as parents need to understand that we are our child’s best advocate. Yet, sometimes we are unaware of alternative resources that can be applied to our child’s educational environment, because it does not fit the traditional mold. Therapy dogs certainly fall in that category. Many parents may be unaware that dogs are being utilized in schools right now in: stress management, anxiety, trauma, anger management, social isolation, literacy, and children with special needs. These therapy dogs could be used in any school, even YOUR school.

An Outside of the Box Solution

We need to ask our educators and school administrators to think “outside of the box” and consider alternative and innovative methods that help students cope with the many pressures faced in today’s world. Much of our conversation tends to focus on academics, but we should also consider our children’s social and emotional growth. Resistance to change is a natural reaction, but an appropriately structured and non-intrusive dog therapy program can assist in often unaddressed needs.

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More information about Therapy Dogs geared specifically towards parents. 

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