Kona, the Therapy Dog

Kona, the Therapy Dog

One Therapy Dog who has certainly been making a different in the community is Kona (owned by Sandy Cornell), who has recently won an online “Books and Barks” contest through Pets Best Insurance. Kona earned $1,000 for Reed Intermediate School fifth grade teacher, Karen King’s class, and $500 for an animal nonprofit of her owner’s choosing. The organization of choice was Charlotte’s Litter, a Newtown Kindness program honoring first grader, Charlotte Helen Bacon, for whom Charlotte’s Litter was founded. Kona has been offering support at the Reed Intermediate School since the tragedy at Sandy Hook School in 2012.

For more about Kona and the comfort and support Therapy Dogs can offer, read the full article here, on The Newtown Bee.

(Kona is pictured with her owner and trainer Sandy Cornell, left, and Reed Intermediate School fifth grade teacher Karen King.)


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