“Angels On A Leash” Walk-A-Thon

“Angels On A Leash” Walk-A-Thon

The mission of Charlotte’s Litter is all about advocating and supporting efforts to increase the effective use of therapy dogs in needy places. On September 20th, 2014, a team from Charlotte’s Litter went down to New York City to participate in a walkathon fund raiser for “Angels on a Leash” and the Ronald McDonald House.

David and Cherilyn Frei who direct the Angels on a Leash program have been good friends, advisors and supporters of Charlotte’s Litter from the beginning, and it was our turn to support their efforts. Attending this important event not only allowed us to encourage and support them, but also expand our network. We had the opportunity to meet several key people who in turn may be able to help us promote the cause of Charlotte’s Litter in the future.

Charlotte’s Litter desires to partner with quality therapy dog organizations to help promote the placement of therapy dogs in schools and community facilities.  In the photo Ken Murdoch and Dan Bacon are holding up the start/finishing line and cheering on the walkers.


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