“Amazing opportunity through a generous grant from Charlotte’s Litter! The students and staff at the Love Wins schools in the Consolidated District of New Britain will be able to enjoy more visits from furry friends!”

~ Lauren Crowley, LCSW, CHAIS, Consolidated Schools of New Britain


“I want to tell you how we plan to use your gift here at R.E.A.D. headquarters–to contribute to the production of a new team training video for R.E.A.D.! We are very grateful and excited about this. We produced the first one14 years ago and we’ve learned a lot since then, but haven’t had the resources to make a new one.”

~ Kathy Klotz, Intermountain Therapy Animals/R.E.A.D.


“…your kindness and compassion are enabling so many to receive that compassion.  Charlotte is shining bright through all you do. I am humbled and honored to represent her and your beautiful program.”

~ Jen Marr, Club Comfort


“We are so pleased to receive your good news today! Thank  you very much.  We all understand the significance of reading with our young ones. Sprinkle in kindness and patience from the animal and handler and it is a win-win for all.”

~ Mary Bohmke, Pet Partners


“There is so much research that suggests that the use of therapeutic animals is beneficial for learning self regulation and empathy.  These are skills that make our students better learners.  We are so fortunate to have this grant and these precious “four legged empathy ambassadors”  in our district.

~ Nelba Márquez-Greene, LMFT, The Ana Grace Project